Sugar on Snow - A party in the "Kingdom"!


Smoke billows from the sugar house chimney!


This winter, we were happy to attend a "sugar on snow" party in a Vermont maple sugar grove.

Young maple trees provided buckets of sap which was collected and cooked down to form a thick maple syrup.

The winter storms of 2011 provided plenty of snow for the party.

Families filled the sugar house from all around Vermont's Northeast Kingdom!


Sugar makers loading wood on the fire which heats the big stainless steel evaporator!

When maple syrup is poured on fresh snow, a "soft maple sugar candy" is formed. A twist or two with a fork creates a delicious maple sugar treat!

Twirling a lump of sugar on snow "candy"!

Sap flows in a Barton, Vermont maple grove!

Cooking the sap in the big stainless steel evaporator to form thick maple syrup! 

Sugar maker testing the syrup!

Absolutely Delicious, "sugar on snow"!

The next Vermont Maple Open House Weekend is scheduled for March 24th and 25th, 2012!

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